Villagers Catch Giant Python While Mating And Eat It Afterwards

Would you consider a python a delicacy? For the villagers on the Malaysian island of Borneo, python meat is excellent food. Just recently, villagers went on a hunting trip and heard strange noises coming from an inside of a fallen tree. They were shocked to realize that there were two aroused python snake lovers doing their thing. Sadly, they were interrupted and turned into a meal.

The amateur video below shows the action in detail:

Source: Viral Press

Villagers on the Malaysian island of Borneo found the pair of snakes inside a fallen tree.

Upon hearing strange noises and investigating a little bit, they decided to kill the snakes. Further on, they planned to transport them back to their village for a feast.

Prepared according to local customs, python is considered a delicacy grilled over a fire or fried in a pan with vegetables then eaten with rice.


Sixty-year-old Thrilled Tinsung Ujang was the man who found the snakes.

He said that villagers in the town of Bintulu near the Kelawit River would feast on the meat for days.

The man said to the media: “I looked down into the hole in the wood and was surprised to see the female mating with a smaller male snake. We had to split the timber to reach them and it was difficult to remove the snakes because of their size and the position. They were locked together.”


He continued: “I was even more surprised because I have never seen snakes mating before and never seen a giant python that was more than five metres long like this. The male python was quite small.

“It was an amazing occurrence and I proceeded to shoot the two reptiles because for our community it is an exotic dish that is also our favourite dish.”

When he returned to town with the pythons on the back of a pick-up truck, everyone was cheering and praising him.


“The snake meat was then divided and its share was distributed equally to villagers and nearby farm workers,” he added.

This might be rather shocking to the Western world true, but it might be safe to assume that in places like this, it can often be the people or the snake. Especially in cases like this.

Featured Image Credit: Viral Press
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