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These Vintage Pyrex Pattern Tattoos Will Satisfy Your Pyrex Cookware Fascination

These Vintage Pyrex Pattern Tattoos Will Satisfy Your Pyrex Cookware Fascination

Tattoos are all fun and games until… you have to decide on one.

It can really be a struggle, as if inking your body permanently wasn’t a difficult enough decision, now you have to even choose what to ink it with?

Well, when you have unique ideas and have already set your mind to doing something, it won’t be such a struggle after all. And imagine if your idea isn’t simply in your mind, but you have seen it somewhere. Meaning there is a concrete visualization of what you want to ink yourself with. Now it started sounding fun again.

Let me tell you, cookware in important, quality cookware that not only is durable but also looks good is even more important. And, yes, we’re talking about the vintage Pyrex CorningWare. Why are we talking about cookware all of a sudden, you ask? Tattoos, cookware, durability, awesome patterns… yes, you got it. People are inking their body with vintage Pyrex patterns and it’s fair to say, the results got us awestruck.

Vintage Pyrex pattern tattoos

Wide Open Eats/Restyledvintage

So, if you’re interested in some of the Pyrex-pattern-inspired tattoos people have chosen to do, scroll below for a collection of pretty unique body-inks:

1. A beautiful pattern:

2. Years ago, Pinterest user, Glenda Holcomb, posted this picture below, and captioned it with:

“My Spring Blossom Pyrex Tattoo, with matching nails using Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL030, and of course, my Spring Blossom Loaf Pan!”

Vintage Pyrex pattern tattoos

Pinterest/Glenda Holcomb

3. A hen in a Pyrex teacup:

A post shared by Becky Matheson (@beckz_m) on

4. Floral:

A post shared by andie orr (@awesomeorrwhat) on

5. “A mixing bowl of pie like my Gam used to make,” wrote this Instagram user:

A post shared by Casey Kelley (@hellfirefemme) on

6. Someone tattoed a whole stack because his wife loves the cookware:

7. Matchy-matchy:

8. “Pyrex Love”

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9. Spring Blossom:

10. Balloons:

A post shared by Hannah (@vintagepyrexlove48) on

11. Colorful stack:

Don’t you just love these tattoos? If you have any additions to the list, let us know in the comments’ section below.


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