Waitress Who Broke Her Back To Save A Child From Drowning Doesn’t Have Insurance To Cover Hospital Bills

Hanna Pignato from Daytona Beach, Florida, saw a child who was struggling in a rip current from her waitressing job at a restaurant on the pier prompting. She ran and jumped 20 feet in the surf below. However, what she didn’t acknowledge was the depth and hit a sandbar which fractured her back and foot.

Even during that state, the 19-year-old swam to the eight-year-old boy. In addition, both were rescued from the water.

After the disturbing event, A GoFundMe page was opened in hope to raise $75,000 for her treatment. This page comes after she has no health insurance and can’t pay for the hospital bills.

waitress broke her back saving a child

Hanna Pignato, who jumped off the Main Street Pier in Daytona Beach, Florida, on Saturday night, broke her back in three places and the heel of her foot. She claims that she saw his mother who was yelling, scared, trying to find a way or anyone to help her son. The 19-year-old told WESH 2 News:

She was screaming bloody Mary, like, just screaming, like, I could just hear the fear in her eyes. And I was scared. Everybody was scared.

Source: WESH 2 News

waitress broke her back saving a child

Pignato was working on the roof deck of Joe’s Crab Shack which is a restaurant that sits on the pier, ran to the pier, dropped off her phone and leaped 20 feet into the water. Remembering the moment she hit the shallow sandbar she said:

Right when I jumped, I was, like, I’m done, like, right when I hit the bottom floor, it was like maybe two feet, three feet.

waitress broke her back saving a child

Pignato is an experienced surfer and swimmer and she claims she misjudged the depth of the water because of the rough surf. While telling the story of how she heard the screams and yells of the mother, Pignato became teary.

waitress broke her back saving a child

Pignato continued swimming toward the little boy even after her painful injuries until help came on the way. A swimmer saved the two of them together and helped them out.

waitress broke her back saving a child

The eight-year-old boy was saved, and Pignato claims that she was thinking about the child’s family when she made the rash decision.

I know what it’s like not to have my family. I did not want her to go through that. I’m just happy and grateful.

The GoFundMe page is trying to raise $75,000 where it is claimed that 19-year-old waitress does not have any insurance and can’t afford to pay all the hospital bills. Her injuries will leave her without a job for months.


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