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5 Ways That Will Help Minimize The Pores On Your Face

5 Ways That Will Help Minimize The Pores On Your Face

Pores are openings on the skin. They open at the top of the hair follicles. They are used for our body toxins and sweat to come to the surface. The more that the pores are clogged, meaning the more dead skin cells, body oils and any other dirt are on them, the bigger they will look. Having large pores doesn’t necessarily mean your skin is looking bad or you are having bad skin days. 

There are many reasons why your pores look large and what causes them. If your face is oily then you’re more likely to have large pores. Aging plays a big part in the enhancement of the pores and why they may look larger, after many years the skin will lose its elasticity and the oil production which causes large pores to come to the surface. Some of the times our genetics are the cause of the large pores on our face and there’s just nothing we can do about it. A family member may have had large pores and you might have inherited.

While you can never really get rid of the pores it would also not be ideal. The skin needs to get rid of the oils and swear which is where pores come in handy.

How To Minimize Pores On Face
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However, you can minimize them, their appearance can be reduced and they can look smaller. Here are some ways you can use to do that.

1. Keep Your Skin Clean

It is not unknown for that clean skin is always a good idea. Even though it is not a permanent solution except for the fact that it will help minimize your pores. After washing your face the pores won’t have to expand to make room for oils which coincidentally is the reason why they enlarge.

2. Don’t Sleep With Makeup On

Have you ever heard of people that fall asleep on purpose with makeup on? Those are people I don’t want to be around. I can’t stress this enough, sleeping with makeup on is never a good idea. There are so many simple ways to remove makeup. While you are sleeping all the dirt, beauty products you have on your face clog up your pores which results into the pores expanding to make room, and that will stretch them out. It’s not hard to wash your face every night before bed, you can use wet wipes and just a splash of warm water. It will help.

How To Minimize Pores On Face
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3. Skin Care

All those beauty products that claim they will get rid of the pores are not doing that. For the pores to look smaller is purely aesthetical, the skin care products can make them seem smaller, even if they are not. That’s all they can achieve. Choose wisely when it comes to those. It’s important to know your type of skin and then proceed from that. Verywellhealth claims that the products that minimize the pores do that by exfoliating the skin from all the oils and dead skin cells.

4. Sunscreen

Direct sun on the skin can cause the pores to expand. It is advised to use SPF 30 and avoid the sun between the hours of 10 am to 4 pm. Sun will make the skin lose its collagen, water levels, and elastin.

5. Pore Strips

Yes, the pore strips and the peel off masks that you have been using are helpful. Their purpose to unclog your pores is achievable, even if it doesn’t entirely do all of that. But it is a temporarily used method and it does work for a short period of time.

As much as we would have loved to have a permanent solution to it, keep in mind that there’s a reason we have pores and we can find a way to minimize them even if they won’t be gone forever.

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