Chances Are You Might Have Been Wearing Bras Wrong

I love learning new things. It doesn’t matter what it is about, or if it does or does not fall in my interests. However, what I am not a fan of is people telling me that I have been doing something wrong when I am super duper positive that it can’t be true. So, here is some brand new information for all of us people who have been wearing bras for a large portion of our life: we have been doing it wrong. Sure, take some time to swallow it down. I know, it does sound impossible that there is a WRONG way to wear your bra (unless you’ve been putting it on backward), but apparently, there is a trick when it comes to bras.

wearing bras wrong

According to a viral tweet that was initially posted by the Huffington Post, there are a few steps we should follow to properly wear a bra. Well, here is the deal: firstly, you are supposed to clasp the loosest hook to start. Then, you pull your breasts into the cups and see if they are comfortable. Then, you tighten up the straps of your bras every couple of months. That’s because they will loosen up.

Well, I think it is safe to say that I would have lived my whole life like this if I hadn’t run into this post. It just makes me wonder about other things that I think I know how to do. I mean, I have been wearing a bra since I was 13 years old and I have been doing it wrong. What else am I to expect?


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