Weather Girl Confronts Bystander For Filming Her From Behind During Live Broadcast

Celebrities are not the only ones who are stalked and ‘sneak peeked’. Journalists and TV reporters have their own ‘paparazzi’ too.

Sol Perez, a 25-year-old Argentinian weathergirl who reports for the TV programme ‘Gente Opinando’, was doing her job when her fellow presenter, Pollo Alvarez noticed something odd behind her. A bystander was filming her from behind (even though there were some other bystanders filming too), but it was this particular man whom Pollo didn’t like.

While Sol was reporting during s live broadcast, Polli interrupted her to say he did not like what this man was doing, saying:

We are not going to have this discussion now and we’ll let it go, but I did not like what he was doing. That’s why I stopped what Herman Drago was saying.

In the footage, Sol Perez is then seen approaching the man behind her, who has been filming her the whole time.

Weather girl confronts man

The first question Perez asked him was what he was filming.

The smirking man seemed to be unapologetic and said he had been filming her ‘to show his workmates’. Sol responded to his answer:

Okay, but what were you recording? Because I had my back turned. The guys there saw that you were filming things that were not okay to be filmed.

Weather girl confronts man

“And are you going to let me stand over there to film?” is how the man continued. Sol responded saying that he is allowed to record general footage from the front, but it’s not okay if he keeps recording her bottom.

However, not everyone seemed to agree with Sol Perez and Pollo, putting in question why Perez constantly promotes her bottom on social media. One of them was Luis Paolo Rossi, who said:

Why does she constantly promote her bottom if she does not want it photographed? Or is he expected to pay her for copyright?

While Neuquino Nyc continued:

She is famous for showing off her bottom and is then bothered by something like that! It’s like Lewis Hamilton complaining about speed.

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Source: Dailymail