A Boyfriend Starts Running Hilariously When His Girlfriend Caught The Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet is usually designed and prepared by your florist, or you could choose for yourself. Traditionally, you can’t really go out of the usual which are lilies and roses but break the tradition if you’re extra. Besides, it is your day and you can celebrate it however you want. The bouquet of flowers is usually passed over the maid of honor to hold and is then given back to the bride once the ceremony is over. Once the wedding reaches its end, all women gather up and basically fight for the bouquet that the bride throws, since legend says that if you catch it, you’re the next bride-to-be. Basically, you can tell that there’s a tough competition to get that bouquet since many other women are after it.

While a bouquet might symbolize something good to someone, for others it might bring bad vibes. At least, this might have been the case for this guy who hilariously began sprinting as his girlfriend catches the bride’s wedding bouquet.

The footage was caught on camera as a male guest began running for his life when he realized he might be the next one to be married. Daniel Gilbert is the man that ran for the hills with a bottle in his hands while his girlfriend, Rachel Besley seemed overjoyed to have caught the bouquet.

Source: SWNS TV

The couple was celebrating Chelsea and Matt Best’s wedding in Kettering, Northampton last Saturday.

Chelsea is seen flinging the flowers into the crowd who all have their eyes on the wedding bouquet.

The women are seen barging each other out of the way to try and get hold of the bouquet before Rachel gets it, who is wearing an orange dress.

Rachel seems overjoyed holding the flowers, while her boyfriend Daniel runs away.

This went viral on social media, as people were commenting and saying that their partners would react the same way too.

His feet barely touch the ground.

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Source: Dailymail