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These Wedding Dresses Will Make You Daydream About Your Wedding Day

These Wedding Dresses Will Make You Daydream About Your Wedding Day

The one thing almost everyone dreams about is their wedding day. What will it look like? Who will be the partner of their lives? Questions, questions… But at least some of those can be answered.

For example, what will my wedding dress look like? Well, Russian fashion designer and wedding dress creator Nina Sarkisyan seems to have the answer for you. Having a whopping 349k followers on Instagram, you can rest assured that Sarkisyan knows her business very well, and has received acclaim from far and wide.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of her best wedding dress designs. Feel free to daydream about them!

This elegant dress is reminiscent of Tinkerbell in Peter Pan. An elegant cleavage down the middle and a flowery array of sparkling jewels makes this perfect.


But in case you were feeling more like Cinderella, Sarkisyan has just the thing for you:


Without a question, these are some of the most beautiful wedding dresses I’ve ever seen.


Pink has never felt more romantic, I think you’d agree.


A dream come true…


Beauty and the beast? No, just the beauty.


A wedding gown worthy of a queen and a crown to go with it.


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Here’s the video by Nina Sarkisyan, where you can check a lot more of her creations.

So… Which dress is it going to be?

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