This Woman Lost 14 Pounds With Greggs’ 30-Day Weight Loss Eating Plan

With headquarters in Newcastle, Greggs specializes in pasties, sausage rolls as well as in sweet products such as donuts or vanilla slices. Anyone who has tried Greggs’ sausage rolls knows how delicious they are. But, sadly, these baked goods aren’t quite the option you should opt for if you’re trying to lose weight. Or are they?

Greggs has a summer mission. This mission is all about proving to people that their food options are healthy. Throughout this mission, they’ve invited several volunteers to join them and eat nothing but Greggs for an entire month.

Hannah Barth, a 29-year-old from Hertfordshire, was one of the lucky people who decided to give this idea a go. Hannah had Greggs for breakfast, Greggs for lunch, and Greggs for dinner. She snacked on Greggs, brunched on Greggs… Everything was Greggs. Within a month, Hannah lost 14 pounds.

Greggs, with the aid of the nutritionist Laura Clark, managed to create an eating-plan from its already available menu. With more breakfast options, plenty of sandwiches, Greggs has achieved a 30-day eating plan which helps people eat healthily, as well as encourages them to hop on a more active lifestyle.

Below you can see the weekly menu of Greggs 30-day plan. This has got to be the only diet that encourages feasting on sausage rolls… .


Before starting the one-month long journey, Hannah said her diet and way of living is quite lazy. She would opt for “anything that’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require a lot of preparing”. This can work for a while, but its consequences concerning our health can be severe.

Hannah had gained some baby weight during her pregnancy but she managed to drop some of it during her maternity leave. And she did it with Greggs’ plan. I know, I wouldn’t think it possible either.

Hannah before her month of Greggs

Hannah combined her new eating plan with exercises as well. 15-minute high-intensity workouts at home and she made sure she would walk 10,000 steps per day. Through this, Hannah lost 14 pounds, shedding 3,3 inches from her waist.

On another note, she saved quite a lot of money on takeaways. One more positive thing about this ‘diet’.

Hannah post-Greggs-athon

So, if you were planning any kind of weight-loss regime, Greggs is the way to go.

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