The Workout Laura Did Every Day To Lose 115 Pounds Is Not Cardio

In 2014, Laura weighed more than 300 pounds. She knew that she definitely needed to change, so she started her successful weight-loss journey.

Laura dropped down to 180 pounds in May 2017 and after a lot of weightlifting she now weighs 196 pounds.

In a recent Instagram post, she opened up about what it has been for her to go through these changes.

“Do yourself a favor. Never forget where you started. Never forget how badly you wanted that change. Never forget how hard you fought just to start,” Laura wrote. “I know . . . it’s hard. It’s worth it.”

She has over 243,000 followers on Instagram and this picture went viral with over 26,000 likes. Laura wants everyone to know that this big transformation is possible for everyone as long as they believe themselves.

“I fell in love with weightlifting and that changed the game for me,” she said for Popsugar. “I started weight training almost daily, spending hours in the gym and studying research and scientific findings relating to health, fitness, and nutrition.”

“That passion for weightlifting carried over to all areas of my health and, wanting to take care of myself, I also overhauled my nutrition. I switched out unhealthy habits and poor food choices for a more nutritionally beneficial foods,” Laura claimed.

While most people start with a diet, she immediately went to a workout.

Winners don’t quit when they’re tired. They quit when they’re done.

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She eats a balanced diet with green vegetables, fish, chicken and “plant-based carbohydrates.”

She said that she “was focusing on substantial fat loss,” and would eat five or six meals every day “with lots of greens and veggies to keep herself satisfied and full, as well as clean.

While she is working hard at the gym to put on more muscle, her daily food menu is different.

“My current diet with powerlifting and bodybuilding allows more flexibility and has given me room to reintroduce more ‘cheat foods,'” she told Popsugar.

She is such an inspiration.

Source: popsugar