Strange National Delicacies That Seem Way Too Weird For The Rest Of The World

Whenever we travel to a new country, it’s easy to find things that don’t seem normal to us, yet seems completely normal to the people living in that country. Especially when it comes to food, to you it may seem like the most disgusting thing anyone could ever eat, yet to some people it’s like an everyday snack or meal. Check out these interesting delicacies around the world that may or may not encourage you to visit these places and try these out.

Bon appetit!

Smalahove, Norway


A cooked sheep’s head.

Basashi, Japan


Basashi (馬刺し) is raw horse meat that’s sliced thin and served with ginger and green onions with soy sauce (醤油) for dipping. It is basically sashimi, but with horse meat instead of fish

Chapulines, Mexico


Chapulines are fried crickets from Mexico.

Durian, Thailand


I’m not sure what this is but it doesn’t look very edible!

Zwiebelmettwurst, Germany


It’s raw minced pork with onions, taste better with bacon.

Cuy asado, Ecuador


Cuy asado: grilled guinea pig

Sea egg, Barbados


It’s basically a sea urchin. It can be enjoyed fried, stewed, sautéed, or even just raw with lemon juice.

Mopane worm, Africa


It’s a large edible caterpillar, known as the Mopane Worm or Mopani Worm.

Balut, Philippines


Balut is a developing duck embryo.

Arroz de cabidela, Portugal


Arroz De Cabidela, which is essentially rabbit or chicken cooked in its own blood that’s added to the rice with water and a bit of vinegar.

Vegemite, Australia


I didn’t even know you could eat vegemite with food, but I guess the Aussies are just plain weird like that

Butod, Malaysia


Known as ‘butod’ in Sabah, sago grub or sago worm is a popular delicacy. It’s an ugly but nutritious food.

Kercha, Algeria


Kercha or stuffed sheep’s stomach is popular in Algeria.

Frog legs, France


One of the most well known delicacies in France is frog legs. They’re usually fried with parsley and garlic sauce.

Soused herring, Netherlands


In the Netherlands they eat brined herring. It’s raw herring that’s been preserved in salt, and it can be eaten on bread or just whole if you’re in a rush.

Century eggs, China


The Chinese have always been known for strange delicacies, like this one

P’tcha, Israel


In Israel people enjoy p’tcha, which is a dish prepared from jellied calves feet. It’s very popular among people with Polish heritage.

Flæskesvær, Denmark


This is pigs skin in strips. You boil them first, then bake them with a lot of salt until they are almost too hard to eat. But not too hard, trust me, the Danes are smart!

Soondae, Korea


Soondae is a popular Korean street food and is more or less blood sausage, usually served with liver.

Surströmming, Sweden


Surströmming is fish that has been fermented for six months, covered in just enough salt to prevent rotting. When opened, the smell can be quite overwhelming.

Deep-fried Oreos, United States of America


Americans love anything that’s greasy and deep fried, like this

Will you try them all?

Source: 9gag