These Weird And Hilarious Animal Paw Socks Will Make Heads Turn

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be an animal? Well, these socks will definitely help you imagine that situation a bit better and put yourself in… Other creature’s paws. You know you want to!

Thanks to Today, you can browse our beautiful collection of cozy, cute, soft paw socks, and choose those which fit your spirit animal the best.  Now, you can be a lamb, or a fox, or a tiger. But what about being an elephant, or a chicken, or a flamingo?

Rest assured because now you can! Or at least, your feet can. And you’ll be staring at your feet. And everyone else will be staring at your feet, wondering what sorcery turned your legs into animal paws.

The socks are made of 100% polyester, they’re machine washable and they come in sizes of up to 13. The prints are flawlessly precise, using a photographic process called sublimation.

You can get them from Amazon for relatively cheap. Most pairs go for around $15. Here’s the selection:

1. Dog paws socks, for those who love dogs and are as loyal as them



2. Pig hoof socks, for those who… Well. Like, um, being pink?


Here’s what they look like from the bottom. Rest assured, you’ll resemble a genuine piggy!



3. Elephant foot socks, for those who have an endless memory


4. Eagle talon socks, for those who like to soar high in the skies


5. Horse hoof socks


Without a doubt, these socks will make for some excellent pranking material, or for your next Halloween costume. Not sure what to make of people who’d wear them in bed though… Squeezing naked next to their loved ones.

Ahem? Is that you, Dumbo?

Source: today

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