12+ Times Dogs Were A Bit Weird That It Was Hilarious

Dogs are the precious companions of humanity. I sometimes stop and wonder… where did we go right to deserve these lovely and loyal furry friends of ours? Yeah, I can’t stop thinking we truly do not deserve their genuine friendship.

Having a dog as a friend means you will never be lonely, nor unhappy. They have the ability to somehow cheer you up, fill you with energy. They will be there for you when you’re human friends are not, and they will prove to be good company and good listening buddies anytime you need them.

Oh, and not to forget! You get to play with them, cuddle them, and love them unconditionally! They will take you for walks (not the other way around). It’s like dogs have found a way to care for us, instead of us taking care of them. I guess it’s reciprocated.

Many times, though, these furry friends of ours know how to be extremely hilarious and a bit weird. But, it’s nothing we can’t handle. We love a dog with a sense of humor! Scroll below to see some cases where dogs have been so extremely odd that it’s hilarious.

1. Squirrel dog to save the day!

weird hilarious dogs

2. No doggo! You should be sweet and smiling. Wait, maybe he is smiling. If so, you go DOGGO!

weird hilarious dogs
IanRiosDub / Via reddit.com

3. Stay long enough with humans, you become like humans. Cutie.

caffeinateintoxicate / Via reddit.com

4. Wait… what?

Puppies_fart_hope / Via reddit.com

5. Seems like a comfortable position to sleep in. At least that’s what this dog leads me to believe.

Rachkovsky2 / Via reddit.com

6. Is that the look of disappointment? Is it because I was 5 minutes late today? Why is he disappointed???

jiggyhal / Via reddit.com

7. Yup, she’s definitely broken.

mallenstreak / Via reddit.com

8. A graceful sleeper, indeed!

MaxwellEdison210 / Via reddit.com

9. Why is this doggo eating his paws… Doggo, please…

Littlesteph49 / Via reddit.com

10. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

mgray4011 / Via reddit.com

11. Why, Frank?

smilson / Via reddit.com

12. Uhm, I might be slightly confused.

bsraging / Via reddit.com

13. A cutie pie!

mrgreatwhope / Via reddit.com

14. Same tbh.

Niffer13 / Via reddit.com

15. I have a dream… of becoming a ballet dancer.

danzavier12 / Via reddit.com

16. Oh boy! Why are you sitting like that?

Stutterfuck / Via reddit.com

17. This dog has superpowers and he knows it!

Human-Sounds-Records / Via reddit.com

18. This furry friend seems to be into gymnastics.

mac_is_crack / Via reddit.com

Any thoughts or additions to the list? Let us know about the odd things your dogs do! We’d be thrilled to know.


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