20 Weird Photos That Are Beyond Explanation

Have you ever looked at a picture and started questioning life? Some photos just cannot be explained, but that’s what makes them downright interesting and worthy to laugh at. Unless they are too scary, which sometimes only makes things more intriguing. If you are looking for weird and crazy photos beyond any explanation, you are in the right place. Aunty Acid collected 20 photos that require too much thinking for nothing.

Are you prepared? These will surely raise more questions than provide answers!

1. Someone just became a pickle!


Why would you do this? Is it photoshopped? Or maybe a pickle manicure? Either way, whoever did this has way too much time on their hands! Also, they are probably crazy about pickles, or pregnant.

2. Catching a ride

The crow is either the eagle’s best friend, which is highly unlikely, or the eagle is not bothered today. So he lets this crow hop on for a little adventurous ride.

3. The final nail in the coffin

Talking about nail trends, this has me crying! Whenever I think about the process, I just sit down and cry it out.

4. Dive in if you can!

It’s not only weird but a good idea, too!

5. I’m ready for my close up!

Do not leave your food unattended! Especially if you own a dog.

6. “Yummy” breakfast

Has anybody else ever looked at the underside of their tennis shoes and wondered at the similarity with waffles? Yeah, me too, but this is another level of creepiness. Thanks, but I think I’ll pass.

7. Spoiled dogs do exist

This dog is lucky he’s not a cat, because this would drive him crazy!

8. Just popped over to say hi!

This is what you get when you live next door to an anteater.

9. What a waste of toast!

If you really want to get rid of your toast, give it to me, for instance, I would take it all.

10. Really good camouflage!

Be careful not to get hit, though!

11. Congratulations on…?

What are they celebrating here and why? Wait a second… Is that a dog on the left?

12. Woke up this morning, got yourself a gun

Just chilling in this water armchair.

13. Dog or log?

Is that a dog cut in half? Or a log? No, it’s terrible photoshop work.

14. No, thanks

As if Crocks weren’t bad enough without beans.

15. Does it really work?

Because this seems a lot cheaper and easier than getting your legs waxed!

16. Would you live in a house like this one?

Living on the edge seems to be interesting for some.

17. A whole loaf of trouble

A bathroom full of bread? I’m questioning everything now…

18. Dog simulator 2017

19. Nuns just wanna have fun!


20. The grumpy dog flower face

Here are some funny pictures that will probably make your day.

Source: auntyacid