16 Weird Pictures That Might Require A Second Look

The Internet is full of selfies and people showing off their lavish lives. However, one also gets to experience the weirdest situations imaginable on social media. Needless to say, these weird situations are incredibly relatable and satisfying to look at. There is something so naturally funny about them that just makes you burst into laughter. Isn’t the world a weird, yet wonderful place? Diply brings 16 weird situations that might require a second look. Let the weirdness begin!

1. Wait, no! Why would you do that?


Did you notice the sign yet? A catastrophe is coming…

2. Curly fries are the thing nowadays. Still, he got ONE curly fry.


Isn’t that great? Especially if he is on a diet, because he would eat ONLY one of these giant fries.

3. The woman on the left is quite expressive. Or is she?

It took me minutes to realize whose hand that is!

4. Are they serious? Maybe they just want to make people lazy.

No more burning calories, folks. Sorry, but you will have to exercise at home.

5. Cinderella’s carriage had a difficult time finding a job once those two ended up living happily ever after

He tried calling the Fairy Godmother, but she was unavailable.

6. So this is how Jack Sparrow gets around…


7. When you take advantage of public transport a bit too much

Look at that confused woman in the back with a real tower of animals in front of her.

8. This Bud’s For You


9. Even Teletubbies can have a crisis once in a while

Here is Po, sitting on the toilet and contemplating the meaningless of life.

10. They did a huge mistake by painting this contraption brown: it could have been such a nice yellow submarine!

Can we get some yellow paint on it, pretty please?

11. A gorilla shadow or a real gorilla following these girls?


12. He is not only clever, but also taking care of himself

Also, he does not care about what ohers think about him, so that makes him mature, too!

13. Just enjoying a dinner date with my beloved puppy

It would be strange if the dog was not his dog, though.

14. Chess board or hamster? Who can tell?

All we know is that this hamster is already famous.

15. Hipsters with their fashion style nowadays


16. Nice camouflage

Here are some more weird things you can see on the Internet.

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