Tourists Are Left In Awe As Three Humpback Whales Soar Into The Sky In Perfect Harmony

One group of tourists were amazed when they caught the perfect moment while they were whale-watching off the Canadian coast.

They were taken by surprise when a group of three humpback whales soared into the sky in the waters of Nova Scotia before splashing back down.

While out in the open ocean, the group was lucky to see the three whales breach almost in perfect harmony.

See the video below:

Source: Oceanexplorationsns



See how close they were? The three humpback whales were lined up just in front of their boat before they got to witness such a rare moment.


Luckily, one passenger on the boat started filming the three whales from the moment they had surfaced near the boat.

However, their excited guide apparently seemed to know that they were in for something really special. Within seconds of the video, the guide is heard screaming repeatedly ”It’s going to be a triple breach!”

Then, all of a sudden, each of the three whales swam away.

One of them seemed to quickly join the other two, who swam off into the distance with their massive tails rising into the air.


The whales hung out near the boat of tourists for a couple of minutes before they started swimming away.


See the whales diving down before they start launching one by one.


The people present were delighted to see this triple breach, as each whale surfaced in order.

The ocean swells as the whales make their move before finally one of them breaks the surface and soars into the sky before flipping over and splashing back down.

The most surprising thing was that the two companion whales followed in order and it looked like the whole thing was planned and synchronized.

Tourists on the boat couldn’t help but cheer, scream, and clap while watching the power and beauty of nature.





Whale, it’s not like you see this every day.


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