12+ Really Wholesome Posts About Cats To Brighten Your Day

Did you know that a study which compared the personality traits of “dog people” and “cat people” found those who like cats to be more philosophical, creative and non-traditional than dog lovers, but unfortunately, also more susceptible to anxiety, worry, fear, or depression? In another study, it was also found that cat people scored higher in intelligence tests than dog people.

Which, I suppose, it makes sense, since we all know when it comes to cats, we don’t really pick them – they pick us, and they probably go for the smartest of the bunch. Okay, okay, fine this last one is an unfounded claim I just made up and all animals are a delight and amazing in their own right, but this is a cat-appreciation post, se I had to spice it up a bit, right? (But the studies I mentioned earlier are 100% true.)

Scroll down to see just some really wholesome posts about cats:


1. This kitty who just wanted her human to pay attention to her

Source: heidi


2. This one who just really likes the holiday season and isn’t ready for it to be over…

Source: u/gistya / Reddit.com

3. These two who are bickering like actual, human siblings

Source: Kitties!!!

4. This sad, precious little kitty who seems to have had a rough day

Source: u/Dascoo24 / Reddit.com


5. Hello Marshall! I love you, Marshall!!

Source: Erika Strong

6. This little guy who just really likes his spoon…

Source: u/GucciSlippers / Reddit.com


7. Finally! We can finally rest at ease. Thank you for this valuable information.

Source: kiana 🌻@amke f6

8. This elegant lady who’s shocked at how good she looks!

Source: u/AndrysThorngage / Reddit.com


9. This cat who despite what it seems like, is not a statue


10. This cat who just wanted to take a nap, and take it right here!

Source: allie

11. This one who is a master of disguise!

Source: u/LilNikster / Reddit.com


12.  And this little attention-seeker who fights for what she wants.

Source: u/selotec / Reddit.com


13. And this one who proved we don’t choose cats, they choose us.

Source: The Dodo


14. And this one, who also doubles as an alarm!

Source: u/raelaj / Reddit.com


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