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From Mild To Wild, The Most Off-Kilter Nail Designs Are Here

From Mild To Wild, The Most Off-Kilter Nail Designs Are Here

Calling Juan Alvear a nail artist is something of an understatement. His creative and amazing style, which may be considered at times bizarre, is an entire reconceptualization of what nail art can and should be. If you go and check out his Instagram ‘NAILS by JUAN‘, a gallery-turned nail art business, you can see his creations curl, twist, and spiral. Generally, they resist any semblance of practicality.

So, Alvear’s creations offer an alternative which isn’t premised upon standards of conventional beauty or practicality. With his nail designs, he has created bridges which connect beauty and art.

Many nails are long and stiletto-sharp made of a polymer clay, while others may be miniature dioramas, french-fries, thistles, crocodiles, unicorn horns, flora, and fauna. Some of his nail designs take up to 10 hours to make.

We should definitely wait no more and go check out some of his artistic work:


Let’s start with my favorite one:

Up for a drink or ten?

I can’t really think of what I would do with these nails. They look pretty pricky, but beautiful at the same time. And the nude nail polish… I love it!

This one can trip you the hell out. It may take you some time to figure it out where does this all start or end.

“Because who ever[sic] said you can’t be cute and a badass at the same time? ⚖️Have it your way with “grandmas gone wild” #nailsbyjuan”

“blossoming nails because I’m going to miss all of the nature and open air out here in Colorado. But I’m also ready to return to nyc”

The doll also has her nails done by Juan.

Would you dare to get on my nerves while I have these nails on?

I’m obsessed.

Would you dare to try any of these designs on your nails? Don’t forget to answer in the comments’ section.




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