Can You Guess What The Winners of America’s Next Top Model Are Doing Now?

Since it debuted in 2003, there are 23 winners on the reality television series and competition in which a number of aspiring models compete for the title of “America’s Next Top Model” and seek for a career in modeling. But have you ever wondered what happened to the winners of America’s Next Top Model and what they are doing now?

From acting to modeling and even singing, you might be surprised what some of your favorite winners have been up to lately, courtesy of Ranker.  


1. Adrianne Curry


Since winning the first season of ANTM, the model from Italian descent appeared on numerous TV shows including Surreal Life, Celebrity Family Feud, and My Fair Brady and she has modeled for several magazines including Life & Style Weekly, Us Weekly, Star, and OK!

2. Naima Mora


The 32-year-old model who won the 4th Cycle of the show is a motivation written and a speaker and she also has a fashion line.

3. Jaslene Gonzalez


The Puerto Rican model and winner of Cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model has renewed her contract with CoverGirl and she has also been featured on CBS’ The Early Show. 

4. Lisa D’Amato


The 37-year-old model first came into the public eye as a participant on the 5th Cycle but eventually came back and won the 17th Cycle. Today, Lisa owns a smoke shop with her husband and also hosts a podcast about L.A.

5. CariDee English


The 33-year-old model who won the 7th Cycle of the show is still in the modeling business, bit also acts and sings.

6. Whitney Thompson


The winner of the 10th Cycle of the show is now a restaraunt owner.

7. Nyle DiMarco


The second male winner and the first deaf winner of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 is a deaf activist and actor.

8. Nicole Linkletter


The winner of the 5th Cycle of the show who used to model for a ton of magazines and walked on a lot of runways is married and leads a quiet life.

9. Eva Pigford


Eva who won Cycle 3 most recently played the role of Tyra Hamilton on the soap opera The Young and the Restless.

10. McKey Sullivan


The winner of Cycle 11 got married to Ultimate Fighter Sam Alvey in 2012 and also leads a quiet life focusing on family.

11. Keith Carlos


The 30-year-old model who won Cycle 21 landed a contract with NEXT Models and is also pursuing an acting career.

12. Yoanna House


The winner of Cycle 2 of America’s Next Top Model hosted two reality shows and also appeared on national news as a fashion expert.

13. India Gants


The winner of Cycle 23 plans to “hit the ground running: start going to castings, start meeting with photographers and designers, and finding an agency that I love, and just get to work.”

14. Saleisha Stowers


The winner of the 9th Cycle continued modeling and also acting. She appeared in numerous shows including New Girl, All My Children, and Days of Our Lives.

15. Danielle Evans


The 32-year-model who won the 6th Cycle wrote a book called: The Skinny on Getting In and became a fashion designer.

16. Jourdan Miller


The winner of the 20th cycle never stopped modeling but she filed for bankruptcy in 2015.

17. Teyona Anderson


After winning the 12th Cycle the model continued her career but she also had a baby boy.

18. Sophie Sumner


The English model and winner of  Cycle 5 of Britain’s Next Top Model and Cycle 18 of ANTM pursued an acting career and was in a reality show; Taking New York. 

19. Nicole Fox


The winner of the 13th cycle continued modeling after the show but also acting. She appeared in few movies such as Redlands and few others.

20. Krista White


Photo: CW/Krista White

The winner of the 14th cycle has appeared on the reality show Global Beauty Masters, and is also the Fashion Director for DLXVRSN Magazine.

21. Ann Ward


The 25-year-old winner of the 15 Cycle continued modeling after the show and also enjoys drawing according to her Instagram account.

22. Brittani Kline


The winner of the 16th cycle didn’t continue modeling right because she had to focus on her heart. However, now she is back appearing in numerous magazines.

23. Laura James


The 16-year-old who won ANTM Cycle 19 is still a successful model, but also works as an actor.


Source: ranker