Every Woman Should Know These 11 Korean Beauty Secrets

Okay, Korean women have the best skin, seriously. What’s their secret? Can we at least try to ignore the genetics fact and try their routine ourselves? We can?

We can! Stylecraze has some tricks compiled and what are you waiting for? Scroll down!


11 Korean beauty secrets for flawless skin


1. Oil cleanser


A life-changing first step, is using an oil cleanser. For removing makeup, dissolving any oil and removing bacteria. The oil melts the makeup off the skin, leaving it thoroughly cleaned.

2. Water-based cleanser



The second cleanser is water-based one and with this one you will make sure that you don’t leave any dirt on your skin or some oil residue. Clean your previously oil-cleansed skin with a mild foaming cleanser by applying it in a circular motions

3. Exfoliate



The third step is exfoliation. This one is great because, the microbeads in exfoliators help in removing any dead skin cells, leaving your skin flawless and smooth. Exfoliate your skin two to three times a week.

4. Toner


This is an important step that you already know if you were following the CTM routine. Also, Koreans swear by toners and  refer to them as refreshers because they soothe sensitive skin and unclog pores, leaving the skin fresh and shiny in a good way.

5. Essence


The essence helps retrieve some of the natural oils from your face since using to cleansers will probably strip all of the oil from your face. It moisturizes the skin but it also balances out the PH.

6. Serums


The sixth step includes using serums which are usually for addressing some issues. For instance, there are serums dor pigmentation, wrinkles or acne.

7. Ampoule



An ampoule is a super serum that contains active particles that help repair the skin. It is better to apply the ampoule before you apply an essence.

8. Sheet mask


These sheet masks are becoming more and more popular. You can choose from a large variety of masks based on your skin type. Relax while it stays on for about 20 minutes.

9. Eye cream



The skin around our eyes is really delicate and it needs extra care. The lack of sleep can result in dark circles under the eyes. So, make sure that you get a good night sleep every day. Koreans also recommend using an eye cream before sleeping.

10. Moisturizer


Remember, this is one of the most important steps. Every skin type needs a good moisturizer. Even the oily one. A light moisturizer blends into the skin quickly without leaving a film of grease behind.

11. SPF


The final step to flawless skin includes use of sunscreen for great protection from the harmful sun rays. They will make you age faster, leaving your skin dry and with wrinkles. Use a good sunscreen with SPF every day before you go out.



Your diet also plays an important role in the quest for flawless and radiant skin. You don’t have to follow a Korean diet to improve the health of your skin. Just make sure that your body is getting a sufficient supply of all essential nutrients it needs to be healthy.

According to Koreans, when it comes to skincare, you are what you eat. Their diet is rich in essential nutrients that help nurture the skin. Two of the most famous healthy dishes are kimchi and also an ingredient called Makgeolli. Kimchi is fermented cabbage that is rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene which are essential for healthy skin. Makgeolli is fermented rice wine that is rich in minerals and amino acids that help brighten the skin.

Source: stylecraze