A Woman Just Realized She’s Been Calling Her Neighbor The Wrong Name For 14 Years

Okay, we’ve all had embarrassing moments where we’ve called someone the wrong name. Personally speaking, it’s a more common occurrence than I’d like to.

Also, true story, during middle school I’d sometimes go to school with a girl, and for the life of me, I could never remember her name. She’s told me countless times, but next time I met her, I was never sure what her name was, going between two names that were not even remotely similar, but there you have it.  And, years later, I’m still not sure what her name is!

Which is why I have no difficulty seeing how this woman managed to call her neighbor the wrong name for an entire fourteen years!

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Stephanie Aird, who’s a comedian from Hartlepool recently posted a video where she explained how the woman who’s been living next door to her, who she’d chat to whenever they met, and who she’d been calling Mavis for fourteen years, is not even called Mavis. Her name was Sylvia all along!

She only found out after Mavis, I mean Sylvia’s husband, George (at least that’s what Stephanie claims his name was) died and another neighbor pointed out her mistake.

woman calling her neighbor the wrong name for 14 years
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In the video which Stephanie posted to Facebook, she revealed the situation where she learned her mistake. She says:

“I was talking to another lady over the road and I go: ‘How is Mavis doing?’… She said: ‘Who’s Mavis?’

“I said, ‘You what? My neighbour, Mavis.’ She said, ‘You haven’t got a neighbour called Mavis.’ I said, ‘Aye I have. George’s wife, Mavis.’

“She goes, ‘Do you mean Sylvia?’ I go, ‘Who’s Sylvia?’ She said, ‘George’s wife.’ I said, ‘I’ve called her Mavis for 14 years.'”

But wait, it gets even worse.

woman calling her neighbor the wrong name for 14 years
Credit: Caters

If calling her the wrong name to her face wasn’t enough, Stephanie has also been sending the pair Christmas cards each year, addressing them to “Mavis and George”.

And apparently, she’s been getting cards back from, you guessed it, Mavis and George. I can imagine Sylvia/Mavis and her husband just playing along with her mistake and having a giggle to themselves all these years.

But Stephanie is now in a dilemma. She doesn’t know how to refer to Sylvia/Mavis from now on. Does she keep calling her Mavis? Should she start calling her Sylvia?

Well, here’s to hoping we get an update on the story.


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