Woman Substitutes Curtain Rods For $20 PVC Pipes

Are you one of those people who love curtains? Even though they are becoming vintage nowadays, curtains give a special feeling of style and elegance to your home. But when you think about all those curtain rods, you start to get a headache. Well, one woman was genius enough to think about an incredible substitute for those clumsy rods. Do you know what she used? Simple PVC pipes, folks! With some pipes and black spray paint, Shelley turned her house into a luxurious castle. Using just a few dollars, she did an incredible home improvement project. Here is her story as shared by Providr.

Reusing materials is always a good idea, but how about using PVC pipes as curtain rods? Incredible, right? Blogger Shelley wanted to have her own space as her office at home, and she decided to put up a wall to create a separate room.

According to the blogger, this is a view of how open the room was before she added a wall.

“I know how many people like the modern open concept, but for me, this works MUCH better,” she wrote. “I’m not a fan of having things so open that there are no boundaries between various spaces of the home.”


She goes on with the rest of the project.

“I normally hang my drapes with the rods almost to the ceiling, but since the ceiling in this house is at 9 feet instead of 8, I hung the rods lower than usual.”2

Then, she admits how her curtain rods are just 1’’ diameter PVC pipe. “Yup, true story,” she wrote. “I didn’t want to spend a fortune on these walls, and I wanted the drapes to completely cover the space between the windows.”


That’s why she painted the pipes black.


The whole setup for those 3 windows, including the pipes, brackets, spray paint and finials only cost her about $20! Wow!


In order to attach the finials to the PVC, she sprayed expandable chaulk sealant stuff into the open ends of the PVC. Then, she taped the finials in place on the end before the foam had a chance to expand out the end.


“Once it hardened (about 30 minutes) they were firmly secured in place and I didn’t have to go try and find a dowel that would fit just right inside the pipe,” Shelley wrote.


Here is the final result! Incredible makeover, right?


Here are some home improvement hacks inspired by IKEA.

Source: providr

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