Woman Who Faked Cancer Allegedly Pocketed $55,000 ‘From Kind-Hearted Strangers’

Hundreds of people were frauded by Lucy Wieland’s fundraising webpage as they donated money to help her with cancer treatment. The 27-year-old woman was granted bail after she appeared in Townsville Magistrates Court on Thursday charged with fraud.

It’s alleged that Wieland, who comes from Douglas, Townsville, collected around $55,000 by her fundraising webpage claiming that the money would be used to treat terminal cancer.

She appeared in Townsville Magistrates Court on Thursday and was charged with fraud. One of the detectives said that somebody from the public warned the detectives that Wieland is scamming the money. And after police investigated her case, they came to understand that in fact, she didn’t suffer from cancer.

And Detective Inspector Chris Lawson spoke on the issue:

‘It’s always very concerning when people use the emotions of others to try and obtain money for themselves. It’s disheartening. The real victims here are the (people) in the community who have heard the stories (and) have tried to assist as best they can … and given the money across in the honest belief that they are trying to help.’

Woman Faked Cancer

On her blog and fundraising webpage, Wieland said that money would be used to treat her stage five ovarian cancer.

Woman Faked Cancer

Since the truth came out, the blog she used to write and her fundraising page has been closed. Investigators are asking people that donated money to come forward and let them know. Also on December 13, a committal hearing will be held and she will appear there. The news must have left those that knew the young woman and all the people who donated, in a state of disbelief.


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Source: Dailymail