The Polar Vortex; Woman Ends Up With Frozen Hair After Going Outside In The Cold

As you might already know the cold temperature has taken over to some parts of the States. The low temperatures have affected people’s life a lot with the polar vortex leaving 70 homeless people without shelter over their heads, the Michigan lake and now Niagara Falls freezing over. Nevertheless, the 70 homeless people have now found shelter in a hotel near the area their tents were before the polar vortex, all this, thanks to an anonymous citizen who offered to the authority to pay for the hotel rooms to provide shelter for the homeless.

Not only the low temperatures have caused these situations, but other strange things are taking place as well such as, because of the biting cold Tylor Scallon ended up with wet frozen hair standing upright, tall above her head. In the clip, you can see Taylor while she stands in the doorway of the house giggling and clutching two blankets.

Taylor Scallon/Twitter

She found it difficult to stop laughing as her hair was standing straight up in the air frozen as someone used the strongest hairspray on her. But, not really. The cold actually made her end up with her hair like that.

woman frozen hair polar vortex
Taylor Scallon/Twitter

In the video, you can see how cold it was since visible breath keeps showing how frosty the weather is. “is Iowa really THAT cold?” is how she captioned the video and following it with some pictures as well. The video took Twitter by storm reaching 1.62 million viewers and gaining over 12,500 retweets and 42,000 likes.

Well, this wasn’t the first case that the cold has done such things to people. Remember Anastasia Gruzdena on Instagram the year we left behind whose eyelashes were frozen completely solid?  She lives in Yakutsk, in the Russia district of Ust-Maysky and shared a selfie on January 14, 2018, which shows her wrapped up warm.

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Source: Unilad