A 60-Year-Old Woman Gets A Makeover – Her Reaction Is Priceless

Every one of us would want to have a makeover every once in a while. I mean you easily can let yourself go while you are focusing on other stuff, life is busy. And sometimes getting your hair and makeup done is a great way to relax and just feel better. Christopher Hopkins also known as “The Makeover Guy” based in downtown Minneapolis is also an author, speaker, and makeup artist. He was more than happy to give this 60-year-old woman the makeover she has been wanting for a very long time. The results are stunning. I can’t believe she is 60 years old. Talk about aging like fine wine.

Debbie is a 60-year-old woman who comes from Chigaco, Illinois. She claims that she has been wanting to do a makeover but never found someone who would actually do it:

I have always wanted to have a makeover but I had never found somebody who I though could make me look my best.

60 year old gets makeover

Debbie says that The MakeOverGuy told her she would look really good with green or purple hair and that was what made her go for it. She claims that it all came to a point where she had to decide to either grow her hair or go through with the makeover. Debbie also says that she is not trying to look “beautiful” or “excellent”, she just wants to be the best version of herself. And that’s the most beautiful thing about her.

60 year old gets makeover

Debbie also says that her husband doesn’t understand the reasons why she wants to do the makeover. However, she has the support of her daughter:

My daughter says because he doesn’t understand that when you are doing it, you are doing it for yourself. You are not doing it for him or for anybody else. You do it for yourself.

She also says that when her husband sees her he is not going to recognize her. In fact, she also states that she doesn’t even recognize herself.

60 year old gets makeover

Watch the video of her makeover down below.


She does indeed look fabulous, doesn’t she?


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