This Woman Is Giving Her $1.7 Million Home To Whoever Can Write Her The Best Letter

Alla Wagner, from Millarville, Alberta, Canada, opened an essay contest and the winner gets her $1.7 million home. Her house is 3,800-square-foot and due to a serious back injury, it’s impossible for Wagner to navigate the stairs. Then, Wagner decided to put it on sale but unfortunately, nobody showed interest because of its whopping price.

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On an interview to CBC Daybreak Atlanta Wagner said: ‘I was told it was too high from market value, so I lowered the price and it still didn’t move at all’.

Carriage Trade Luxury Properties

After that, Wagner came up with a new idea to create a competition on social media. Essay topic? The Write a Letter, Win a House competition has a simple question, how winning this house would change your life. However, here is the fine print. In order to participate in this competition, you should pay a $25 fee to submit the essay. So, Wagner hopes that over 68,000 people will participate in order for her to reach the value of her investment. Only If $1.7m is raised, a winner will be selected, if not all the contestants will be refunded.

Carriage Trade Luxury Properties

You can be part of the competition too, if you write a letter in a maximum of 350 words and you have 3 months to prepare it since the deadline is April 5 with a possibility of extension. Wegner spoke CBC Daybreak Atlanta, saying that she wants to be someone who loves the place and fits in, calling the neighbors incredible people:

It has to just really touch on my heartstrings and not necessarily because of a sad story but because of the motivation. If somebody wants to write a poem, they can write a poem. If somebody wants to write five paragraphs telling me why is it important for them to get this place [they can].I wanted to be creative but I don’t want [anyone] to be scared of writing like, ‘Oh, I’m not a good writer, so I’m not going to be able to to win’.

Wagner also spoke to Global New and you can see the interview here:

She said that this competition is not a lottery, and is more like crowdfunding although a panel of judges will be choosing the winner who has to be +18. Also, none of her family members are allowed to apply. To read more about this competition you can visit the Write a Letter, Win a House Facebook page.

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