Woman Unconsciously Kidnaps A Dog While On A Night Out

While we all have strange, weird, unusual (call it what you want) drunk stories, there are some that seem too weird to ever occur to us. I mean, if you are fond of pets, like me (and apparently this girl I’m about to tell you about), then this story won’t seem as weird to you.

Basically, a girl woke up next to a guest in her bed after a drunken night out. And as you may have already guessed, the guest was a dog. The young lady, Toni Robinson, apparently, had ‘stolen’ a dog as a result of having a bit of too much to drink.

Toni talked about the situation, saying:

“We named the dog Violet as we were drunk on Parma Violet gin at the time.

We shared a bed with the dog, who we later found out was named Princess, and had a deep chat with it on our night out.”

woman kidnaps dog Snapchat story

She, then, proceeded to add:

“We didn’t even think about the owners.

This is the third time I have kidnapped a dog without realising.

When I woke up I realised what had happened when I heard the dog moving.”

woman kidnaps dog Snapchat story

But hear this out: Aren’t stories that include dogs the best kind of stories? At least I am always eager to listen when it comes to someone sharing.

Dogs are some of the loveliest friends we could ever get to have. Adorable, loyal, and very good and enjoyable companions. Especially when they get used to you and don’t fancy staying away from you. Simply the fact that a family has named their dog ‘hero’ after he had stayed by their missing 2-year-old’s side for about two days proves a lot of their companionship. Read about it here.


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Source: Unilad