24-Year-Old Woman Was Left On The Altar Since Her Husband-To-Be Gets Cold Feet

Now, while for some marriage might not be considered as a huge step, on the other hand for some out there marriage is the day a couple has been dreaming about since being young. We all can agree on the fact that along with marriage come a lot of things one should take care of. Starting from proposing to your loved one in the most astonishing way, to organizing the ceremony the way you always dreamt of and welcoming the guests the right way.

Nevertheless, before taking the decision to tie the knot, there are some major issues the couple should discuss beforehand. When I say major issues, I am not referring to the small little things the couple might face during their marriage such as where one should hang the toilet paper, or ‘why did you not clean the counter of the kitchen?’

There are things of a bigger impact, life-changing issues I might say. In a way or another, the couple should be honest and open when talking about religion, politics, how many kids they want to have in the future and so on. These things are something you cannot hope they will change after marriage.

For some reason, people hold back on discussing these issues beforehand which leads to them being left on the altar on their big day in front of the many guests. If you want to avoid the most dramatic scenario of “being left on the altar,” and if you don’t want what’s supposed to be your happiest day to turn into the worst one, take the pieces of advice into consideration.

Manow Jutathip Nimnual was thought to get married with her husband-to-be Phakin Junjerm, 20, in a lavish ceremony in Thailand on July 22.

Nevertheless, the bride-to-be went through being left on the altar in front of the many guests which were merely family and friends.

Below you can see the video while the 24-year-old was breaking the news herself:

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The reason why this happened was due to the fact that Phakin Junjerm (the groom) got cold feet.

The Bangkok Post reported that as being left on the altar was not enough, the bride-to-be had to break the news herself to the guests that the groom had ‘run away.’

Wearing a gown and standing on the stage, the 24-year-old thanked her family and friends for making the time to attend the wedding ceremony only to announce that the groom ditched her at the altar.

Woman left on the altar

Following the ‘speech,’ the 24-year-old apologized sincerely to the guests since she felt like she hasn’t taken ‘good care of them.’ 

Woman left on the altar
In the footage, you can see the devastated woman who was left on the altar standing alone on the stage before she was comforted by a woman before she spoke to her guests via a microphone.

Woman left on the altar

In the picture, you can see the bride-to-be Manow Jutathip Nimnual (right) and her husband-to-be Phakin Junjerm, 20, (left)

Woman left on the altar
The live stream video has since attracted more than five million views, along with a significant amount of sympathetic and supportive messages from around the world.

Woman left on the altar

Woman left on the altar
The 24-year-old was really looking forward to the day she says “I do.” Besides having a pre-wedding photo shoot, the couple was also featured on a giant billboard ahead of their nuptials.


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