Mother-Of-Three Proves “Making Small Changes” Can Work Wonders For Weight Loss

Anyone who’s ever attempted to lose weight knows how hard it can be. It takes a lot of willpower, dedication, and consistency to manage to lose even a few pounds, let alone over a hundred, as one mother from Australia did.

Keely Dellit shared for Women’s Health magazine her incredible story of success, which saw her shedding a whopping 125 pounds over a period of 14 months, saying she did it by “making small changes”. She didn’t try to crash diet, make expensive diet plans, or put herself through surgery. She just did it the safe, but consistent way: she began eating sensibly and stuck to a manageable exercise routine.


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She wrote that she used to be very fit as a child, as she came from an athletic family, but it changed after she hit puberty and began working in a fast food restaurant at the age of 14. Even though she managed to lose some of the weight right before her prom, she gained it all back when she went away to college.

She explains that after she had children, all thoughts of weight loss “went out the window”, and she even stopped weighing herself because she didn’t want to know.


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But when she did weigh herself and realized she was at 278 pounds, she knew she needed to make a change, both because she felt exhausted and because of her children. But knowing she didn’t have the time to commit to a completely different lifestyle si suddenly, she took it easily and steadily…

At first, I didn’t cut out the fast food and treats that I loved; I simply chose smaller portions (like a small fry instead of a medium size). Then, I gradually made slightly healthier substitutions (grilled chicken instead of crispy, for example).

Once I got used to that, I swapped out soda for juice and then traded that for sparkling water. I cooked brown rice instead of white, tried plant-based milks instead of dairy, ate at home instead of ordering takeout. Those tiny, gradual changes allowed me to slowly transform my lifestyle.

She also explained that she took it easy with the workouts as well, making it up “on the fly”. She began by simply walking or following exercise tutorials online, then when she got confident, she joined a bootcamp class.


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Now, she’s keeping the weight off by watching what she eats, but not necessarily restricting her calories. She just follows a nutritious diet and drinks a lot of water. A typical day of eating for her looks like this:

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs and a small bowl of oatmeal with berries
Lunch: a large salad (lettuce, avocado, cucumber, carrots, peppers) with grilled chicken or tuna
Dinner: steamed fish with a big pile of cooked veggies
Snack: protein bars, carrot sticks, or natural peanut butter.

Her story is a testament to how consistency and baby steps do work wonders! Hopefully, it will inspire others.


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