Woman Embracing Self-Love Marries Herself After Her Recent Break-Up

Now, I bet you all have heard the saying ‘no one will ever love you if you don’t love yourself.’ And, honestly the way you see and treat your flaws, your body, your own self, has a huge impact on how others see you. In a way or another, the way you treat yourself ends up being the way how others treat you since Our external world is a complete reflection of our internal world. You have to make it clear to yourself that you deserve to be loved, and in order for you to do this you should pursue self-love.

This woman Linda Doktar, 34 has taken this saying into consideration and after breaking up with her boyfriend early last year has decided to marry herself. She describes the moment of marrying herself as a beautiful concept to symbolize her journey into loving and honoring herself on a deeper level.

Rather than fishing for another fish on the sea, or being in pain for her break-up with her boyfriend, the conscious coach Linda Doktar thought of marrying herself on Valentine’s Day in a private ceremony.

Her pal, Ej who is a relationship coach introduced her with the idea and concept of her marrying herself.

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She found the concept of loving and honoring herself on a deeper level beautiful. She said:

“Ej had just began[SIC] to hold these ceremonies for others, and I thought this was a beautiful concept to symbolise my journey into loving and honoring myself on a deeper level.”

The 34-year-old stuck to the rules of a marriage ceremony while also writing the vows and the commitments for tying the knot. Her favorite song which means a lot to Linda was part of the wedding ceremony as well. In a nutshell, she checked out all the procedures that ceremony consists of.

“Ej asked me to write my vows and commitments for my special day. She also asked me to choose a dress and a song that would mean a lot to me.

“There was a red satin walkway, lined with rose petals and flowers, it was beautiful.”

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Ej and Linda thought of every detail, even when the time of reading the vows and the commitments took place.

“As the ceremony progressed, I read my vows and commitments out loud to myself, while looking into a hand-held mirror.”

For the special day, Linda wore a long white summer dress with pastel colors and there weren’t any guests besides Ej and the assistants who took care of the photos. Now, you are probably wondering whether Linda wore a ring or not. Well, by now you probably are aware that this wedding was outstanding, it wasn’t like the other ones.

“I didn’t have any guests, it was just Ej and her two assistants for the photos.”

“I decided to wear a long white summer dress with pastel colours and instead of a ring I wore a necklace that symbolized my commitment to myself.

“When I look back at my ceremony I smile because it reminds me of a turning point in my life when I decided to connect to deeper levels of self-love and self-connection.”

The 34-year-old describes the marriage to herself as a way to put her on a path to a better relationship with herself.

The small ceremony was of big cost since Linda parted a few hundred dollars for the small ceremony in the Gold Coast. A ceremony which is legally not binding.

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Nevertheless, with Linda marrying herself it doesn’t mean that she won’t be considering relationships with other people. The ceremony only served as a way of her making a promise to love herself for the rest of her life.

“The only person I will have to live with for twenty-four hours a day for the rest of my life is myself.” 

Adding that:

“I believe that the most important relationship I will ever have is with myself. I know and understand that the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves determines the quality of experiences we have with others.

“Our external world is a complete reflection of our internal world.”

Linda also admits that people have judged her and at times even laughed about the idea of marrying herself. Nevertheless, her loved ones were there to support Linda on the decision.

“Some people have judged me, and I have been laughed at, but I’ve mostly been received with love and an open mind.

“Many people thought it was a beautiful concept.

“When I look back at my ceremony I smile because it reminds me of a turning point in my life when I decided to connect on a deeper level.

“I am a conscious woman who knows who she is and knows what my self-marriage ceremony meant for me personally.”

Credit: Media Drum World

The decision of Linda marrying herself has helped her to improve the state of her internal happiness and the relationship and connections she now experiences outside of herself.

“After being disconnected from myself for so many years, I now plan to continue on my journey of self-love. This has significantly improved the state of my internal happiness and the relationship and connections I now experience outside of myself.”

In case you are interested in a more detailed story of Linda or her self-marriage ceremony, check out her Instagram by clicking right here.


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