Woman’s Painting Of Her Swan Has Inspired A “Painting-Ception” In Social Media

It’s painting-ception!

If you have no idea what I just said, you are about to find out. So, every now and then, the people of the Internet find a new thing to obsess over, and every now and then, they find a new person to make famous (remember the Fiji-water girl?). Sometimes it’s well-deserved, other times less so. This time around, however, both the new craze and the person they’ve made famous are very wholesome.

But for this to make any sort of sense, we’ll have to start from the beginning. So, it all started when a Reddit user by the name of Gaddafo posted a picture of his mother to social media. The photo showed her proudly displaying a painting she had done in an art class. “My mom painted this and said no one would like it. It’s her 2nd painting,” he wrote.

Image Credit: Gaddafo/Reddit

The mother, Cindi Decker, had painted her egret, and for some reason, another artist decided to paint her. Kristoffer Zetterstrand, 45, from Sweeden, told BBC that he had seen several people sharing pictures of their mothers and thought it was cute, so he decided to paint one of them just for fun.

Image Credit: K_Z/Reddit

And this is where this whole Internet craze started. Another person, (Reddit user liliofthenight, pictured below) then painted Kristoffer holding his painting, and yet another painted her, and on and on, and on until you have dozens of paintings within paintings. “It’s really weird,” Kristoffer told the publishing. “Last I counted there were over 40 paintings. I keep getting smaller and smaller.”

Image Credit: lillyofthenight/Reddit

Kristoffer also added that he’s spoken to Cindy and said “she’s very happy about the whole thing” and that he would send her his painting of her.

As for Cindy, who’s a 55-year-old teacher from Jacksonville, Florida, she said that she is “just a very ordinary mum who has had an extraordinary few days.” Apparently, she only thought he was going to show the picture to his friends on Snapchat, adding, “I don’t even know what an upvote is.”

Well, know it or not, the original post showing her now has over 75,000 upvotes on Reddit and over 1,500 comments. Not to mention the craze it has inspired.


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Source: BBC