Sydney Woman Found Out She Was Pregnant With Twins 6 Weeks After Giving Birth

Imagine finding out you are pregnant again, just six weeks after you have given birth to a baby girl. And this time with twins! That is exactly what happened to a young mother from Sidney, Australia last year. Eliza Curby woke up one day with a severe headache and visited her doctor, who told her the unexpected news that she was expecting twins.

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The young mom assumed she wouldn’t get pregnant while breastfeeding and “didn’t even think about contraception”. However, after giving birth to her first baby, Charlie, in January 2016 she found out that she is expecting again and in December on Christmas Eve of 2016, baby boys Jack and Wolfe were welcomed to the world.

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Now, after a year since the birth of her twins, the mother has finally opened up about having three babies in one year.

“For the first six months, I don’t remember much, I was running on empty,” the mother-of-three told the Daily Mail Australia. “But with the one year anniversary coming up, I can finally feel like I’ve nearly got this.”

She continued:

“There is so much I’ve learned over the past year. The main thing would be to relax my ‘pre-baby’ standards I set for myself – like having a clean house or the washing done.”

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Eliza couldn’t even believe what is happening at the beginning, but her and her partner Ben are now raising their beautiful children together. The couple, who have been together for 2 years is managing just fine.

The Australian finally understands what the saying “it takes a village” to raise a child means.

“It really does,” the 28-year-old joked. “I owe my sanity to my partner, the grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends.”

Of course, there will be times when she will feel tired but she is most grateful for watching her children bond and play together.

“Watching the three interact with each other and being able to observe the bond forming, building up slowly as the twins begin to ‘get it’. They love each other and I can see it.”

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However, the couple is not planning on having more children soon.

“We don’t plan on more babies for the future,” Eliza says. “I had always imagined having four, so I’m not opposed to the idea.”

“But I’m loving our life as it is. I feel like we’ve got the perfect little family,” she concluded.

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