This Woman’s Story Reveals The Dangers Of Plastic Surgery

Body modifications and plastic surgery are becoming more and more popular these days. And while I’m all about embracing yourself the way you are, I also know there’s nothing wrong with getting a small change if you aren’t satisfied with something about your body.

However, we’ve also seen cases of people going to extreme measures and spending fortunes trying to get their ‘dream bodies’.

But despite how common plastic surgery is becoming, there are still a number of risks attached to it, including nerve and organ damage, infections, scarring, and even anesthesia complications, which is why if you do want to undergo plastic surgery, you should be really careful with who you choose to perform it.

Research the doctor, make sure they have the proper qualifications, a satisfied clientele, see their past work, and don’t go for someone offering you the procedure cheaper than the rest – there’s usually a reason for that.

Plastic surgery horror stories are very common, and the story of this woman from Atlanta is just one of them.

woman reveals dangers of plastic surgery

Instagram model Janelle Butler decided to get a butt augmentation procedure after she gave birth to her second child in 2009 because she was feeling insecure due to postpartum depression. She decided to go for an ‘instant plump’ silicon bum injection, which she describes as being ‘available cheaply and easily.’

“All the girls are doing it. It’s cheap,” she told CBS46. “Call this person, they meet you, you can get a hotel room, they can come to your house.”

But years later, when she tried to have them removed, the process left her ‘completely disfigured’.

Source: The Wendy Williams Show

Butler described that her butt “just kept getting bigger” and after starting “to lift weights and build muscle and do all that stuff [she] would think, ‘God, I wish I didn’t have this silicone in my butt.'”

So she decided to have her implants removed, and with the help of a TV show called Doctors, she managed to fund the procedure. But it turned out to be disastrous.

“Within 24 hours after surgery, I blacked out and I was in the ER because I had lost so much blood,” she explained, adding that she also acquired necrosis – blackening of the skin – which caused her cells to die.

woman reveals dangers of plastic surgery
Credit: CBS46


“The necrosis took skin tissue and almost some of my muscle all the way,” she explained. “They had to take it down to my muscle, like, they had to scoop out the dead tissue.”

This left her in excruciating pain, as well as with a hole the size of a fist on her behind.

woman reveals dangers of plastic surgery
Credit: CBS46


This whole ordeal has left her in need of even more surgery, she says, just to ‘look normal’.

“I don’t look normal right now. I am completely disfigured. I have to wear butt lifters and butt pads,” Butler added. “I don’t want my daughter growing up to live up to these false expectations… I would just tell them to embrace those insecurities, practice daily affirmations of self-love because that’s where it initially starts.”

She is now appearing across the country hoping to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic surgery, as well as planning on releasing her own documentary.

Source: Ladbible