This Woman Is Selling Her £1,200 Wedding Dress For Just £150

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, right? So, you invest, trying to make it as perfect as possible. You find the best venue, choose the best food, hope the weather will cooperate, and, of course, you search until you find the perfect dress – because everything has to go as smooth as it can on the day you officially marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

And God knows those wedding gowns don’t come in cheap…

But what happens if you’ve invested in a beautiful wedding gown, but you don’t get the fairytale ending you were planning on? You end up with a world of heartbreak… and a wedding gown you don’t know what to do with on top of that.

This is what happened to a 32-year-old woman from Bradford, Yorkshire – though I don’t know about the ‘heartbroken’ part.

A woman named Lyndsey Harrison is selling her £1,200 wedding dress for just £150 online, saying it’s fallen into the same category as her husband: ‘unwanted’.

After separating from her husband, Ste Warrior, 29, she took to Facebook to share the dress, writing:

Selling my wedding dress due to it falling into the same category as the husband – unwanted. Size 12 originally bought in 2014 for £1,200. May fit slightly bigger as I seem to remember a fair few months of ‘what the f*** am I doing?’ Stella binges so needed widening. Please don’t ask me any questions about it cos I know nowt about dresses. It’s white and heavy but aren’t we all.

According to the Daily Mail, Lyndsey claimed that even before her wedding day, she was unsure whether she wanted to go through with it, saying there was “nothing remotely exciting about our relationship.”

She also described their relationship as “quite hostile” due to their similar “hot-headed” personalities, explaining how they would often get into arguments.

Lyndsey said that she hadn’t expected Ste to propose, and even assumed he was joking at first. But then she “thought ‘why not?'”, explaining: “I think a big part of me only said ‘yes’ to annoy his family, they’d never liked me, they were always a bit more well-to-do.”

But even though she was unsure, she said she went along with the wedding for everyone else’s sake. Neither she nor Ste were all that enthusiastic about it, leading to people calling her the most relaxed bride they had ever seen.

Explaining how their honeymoon was the best the two had ever got on, she added that after it was finished, Ste just turned into “a grumpy old man.” She said:

I don’t know if he was having regrets or getting complacent, I would speak to him and get nothing back. He was so quick to go out and do stuff with his friends but when it came to me, he wasn’t interested in doing anything at all.

Lyndsey told the Daily Mail that the two would argue, and then try to make it work and “things would get better for a few weeks but then we’d go straight back to square one.”

So she finally decided to ask him for a divorce in 2016, describing it as “the best decision” she’s ever made, though, she said, “accepting that it was over was the hardest part for both of us.”

She also said that if she can’t find a buyer for the dress by Halloween, she’ll just turn it into a costume.

But if it does sell, she said she’d “probably advise them not to go through with it all,” seeing as “nobody will ever get me down the aisle again.” But she did wish the potential couple who might buy her dress better luck than she had.

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