Woman Starts ‘Campaign’ To Find A Hot Guy She Met On Plane

What tool is more powerful than social media? A modern age tool, might I add. Come to think about it, I can’t believe how simple it makes things. With the press of a few buttons on the keypad on your laptop or phone, you can easily find out endless amounts of information. Be it about that one long-lost high school friend, or to simply engage in conversations with strangers on the internet, social media is the way to go.

So, that is why when Jo Lia regretted not asking for a hot guy’s phone number while on a flight to England from Spain, she hoped that Facebook people would help her find out who he is.

“*FIND HOT GUY*”,  was the caption of the snap she shared earlier this week.

Credit: Facebook/Jo Lia

Along with the picture, she gave off these details:

“Jo was sat next to a hot guy on a plane from Valencia to Gatwick yesterday.”

“Hot guy helped Jo put luggage into overhead hold.”

“Hot guy made conversation a few times.”

“Hot guy got Jo’s luggage down for her.”

“Hot guy looked a little like Jordan Henderson.”

“Hot guy’s name was also Joe!”

“Jo and Joe smiled at each other a few times.”

“Jo was silly.”

“Jo didn’t give hot guy her number when she had the opportunity!”

“Jo regrets this now.”

“Help Jo find hot guy by sharing this post!! Even if just for fun!!”

Credit: Facebook/Jo Lia

In no time, the post was shared hundreds of times and has attracted so many comments from people who are wishing her good luck with her quest.

One person wrote:

“Shared for you! Praying he’s single and straight and finds his way to you. He’s probably doing the same thing of sharing his story!! Xx”

Another added:

“Go to help desk at the airport, say passenger Joe left something on the plane, give your number, when he calls say ‘You left me’… Good luck!”

Until now, it is not clear whether they have been reunited. But then again, Jo seems like a genuinely goodhearted person, so I really hope something happens between the two.

woman starts campaign find hot guy

Credit: Facebook/Jo Lia

For what it’s worth, we really hope that the Hot Guy reaches out to her, even if only to let her know that he saw her post. Ideally, though, the two will find some way to meet very soon, and we’ll be reporting on their wedding in a couple of years’ time.

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