Vegan Woman Transforms From Super Skinny To Super Toned

One super skinny vegan decided to change her lifestyle completely. She decided to take up weight training and put on more than a stone-and-a-half of muscle in just two and a half years. Nowadays, she looks completely transformed.

Personal trainer Izzi von Kohler became a vegan six years ago and discovered a new lease of life after ditching eggs, dairy and meat from her diet.


The Londoner felt like she was not reaching her full potential by doing only yoga.


She was working 40 hours a week in retail and ate mainly ready-made processed vegan foods, which was not the right way.


Now, she’s super sculpted and eats a diet packed with whole foods, grains, and vegetables.

Ms von Kohler said: “I decided to get into weight training because I loved the idea of building muscle and being able to do things like pull ups and press ups. Cardio is still great and I do incorporate it into my training but because gaining muscle is my goal, I don’t do it as much as weight training.”

She goes on:

“Weight training allows the body to get stronger, and helps with your posture and increasing core strength which I recommend everybody should be working on.”

“I feel so strong and empowered, I love inspiring others to get active and fit. I do love to train lower body as that’s my strongest area but shoulders are always fun too.”


Ms von Kohler now goes to the gym six days a week, and her incredible transformation has led personal training clients her way.


When people see her incredible before and after pictures, they don’t really recognize her.

She added: “People just can’t believe how skinny I was before, they are so positive and supportive about my transformation.”

“Lots of my clients have found me through seeing my transformation. My advice to others is to decide what your goal is and sign up to a gym that you feel you can train comfortably in.”


“Look for a personal trainer that you feel has the same values as you and understands what you want. Don’t give up and be patient with your mind and body.”


What do you think about her transformation?

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Source: dailymail