This Woman Is Her Own Twin Sister And People Are Confused

Taylor Muhl, like 3% of people in the world, is a twin. But what’s different about her, is that she’s technically her own twin. How can that be possible you might ask?


She has two totally different sets of DNA in her body

The singer and entertainer from California was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition which is called chimerism. That means she and her fraternal twin fused together while in the womb. According to Muhl, her condition is very rare that only 100 cases have been confirmed worldwide.

What’s the challenging part here is that chimerism can result in a host of adverse health issues. She first became aware of her condition when she was a little girl after noticing that her friend’s bodies weren’t divided down the middle into two different pigmentations… like hers did.

Later, she started experiencing some strange illness.

“My autoimmune issues started pretty heavily as a preteen and that was very difficult being so young, especially not knowing why I was sick,” Muhl told Yahoo.

She also told Daily Mail that she was diagnosed in her mid 20’s with chimerism. Her health issues were determined by the fact of one body attacking the other since she carries two sets of DNA.

To fight her health issues, she ingests strong probiotics and vitamin supplements and commits to a very active/healthy lifestyle.

“Even with doing all of that, though, I still endure autoimmune problems and food sensitivities daily, so emotionally it can get frustrating and wearing,” she told Yahoo.

She is now an advocate for Human Chimera awareness and uses her Instagram page to share information about her condition and teaches others how to deal with them.

“I felt it was important to show my entire physical demarcation because in the entertainment business there’s an overwhelming amount of pressure to appear physically perfect or within a certain physical stereotype,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I hope by showing my own imperfections I can inspire others who have physical abnormalities or who are different, to never let that stop them from pursuing their dreams.”

Source: nypost

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