Woman Used Cousin’s Hand In Engagement Pictures Since She Didn’t Have Her Nails Done

If you’re in a relationship you’ve probably thought, even briefly, of what it would be like if your significant other proposed to you. How would they do it? Would it be a private affair, with just the two of you in a sweet, intimate moment? Or would they go all out with a public proposal, getting down in one knee in front of a crowded restaurant, city square, or both your families as you tearily nodded and said “Yes!”.

But something that might not have crossed your mind in those moments is whether or not you’d have your nails done for the occasion. Because of course, you’d want to show off your ring, and having unmanicured, chipped nails would really ruin the picture.

This is exactly what happened to a woman from Melbourne, who was caught off guard when her boyfriend proposed to her – she was actually expecting it so little, that she didn’t even bother to get her nails done. So when the moment came to take pictures and share the happy news with their loved ones, she was left in a tight spot.

Fortunately, she had someone at her corner – her cousin and her manicured nails who came to the rescue.

Looking at the picture above, nothing seems amiss. Just a sweet snap of a newly engaged couple, showing off their love. But wait… zoom back a little.

Yup, that’s not the woman’s hand at all. It’s her cousin who was gracious enough to lend a helping hand in times of need – because that’s what family’s for, isn’t it?

The cousin, Jenna, posted the series of pictures to her Twitter, writing “My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done,” and it quickly went viral, with over 180k retweets and 773k likes within one day.

One person seems to have things figured out and is always prepared.

Another made a good point…

Whereas yet another seemed to be slightly confused…

All in all, that’s actually very heart-warming and adorable. It’s something they’re probably going to tell their kids and grandkids in the future all the time. “Yeah, aunt Jenna took my engagement pictures for me after this one proposed when he knew damn well I didn’t have my nails done.”

Congratulations to the happy couple!


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