Woman Vs Beauty Salon: Would You Tolerate This Done To Your Nails?

Visiting the salon is a pleasure many of us find preciously irreplaceable. It’s not just about getting your nails done, it’s also about pampering yourself and feeling relaxed when life’s getting you down. So imagine if the manicure went very, very wrong?! It’s HELL.

Like this. Noooooooooooooooo!

But, however, much we scream inside (and outside), AuntyAcid reports that this nightmare scenario really happened to someone. Katie Bennet, from Colchester, Essex, decided to try this new beauty salon called Cinderella’s Cute-Icle & Beauty Room, and decided to go for a full acrylic nail extension treatment.

This is Katie. Poor Katie had to deal with a manicure nightmare!


Possessing eyes, Katie soon noticed that the acrylic extensions were wonky. They had gaps and looked uneven, but she suggested to remove the wrongly applied acrylic nail extensions by herself at home. NO, the manicurist insisted and assured Katie that she can do it better, safer, more professionally…

This is the result.


Good God. The manicurist proceeded to actually hack at her nails in order to remove the shoddily placed extensions!

After dealing with this, Katie was even threatened with calling the police! She told the Metro: “I tried to be reasonable and sat back down. I thought that once she took the tips off she would soak off the rest so I took a deep breath and just stayed sat down and asked her to be careful.” Right. She did what any reasonable person would do. But it wasn’t enough.

“She got the electric file and she started hacking them off. I said, “please slow down, you are hurting me” and she wouldn’t. I said it again and said, “I don’t want you to damage my nails and hands,” Katie explained.

Which got the manicurist offended. She told Katie to leave the salon or she’ll call the police!

However, there’s two sides to every coin, right? Since the incident, Cinderella’s Cuticle & Beauty Room came out with their own statement which contradicted the events recounted by Katie. They called her story “very exaggerated,” and suggested that Katie didn’t want to pay, and wasn’t patient enough for the manicurist to fix the problems. Which the manicurist themselves caused. Right.

A representative of the salon said: “There are so many untruths. They were filed off, they were filed away and she got up and left and didn’t let us finish the work. They are acrylic nails that are half taken off.”


But Katie remains adamant:

“I know that in the grand scheme of things it’s not a massive deal but so many girls get their nails done and [many] businesses rip off girls and I don’t want that to happen. I wanted my friends to know not to go there.”

Well, if it happened to me, I’d probably do the same!

Source: Auntyacid