This Woman’s Ball Gown She Sewed For Herself Has A Twist To It

Every time I think of balls, my mind can’t stop but immediately think of Disney princess, the balls they attend, the beautiful gowns they wear and so on and so forth. It simply looks so magical! However, not many get to feel this experience and get a chance to take part in one, however, for those who are lucky, it must be truly magical.

Ivy Thomson, who’s from Seattle, USA, thought it would be a good idea to create her own beautiful ball gown for a masquerade ball. The pictures of the gown and a video she took gained a lot of viewers so they went viral. You will understand why they went viral after seeing the gown yourself. Warning: The gown has a twist. A beautiful one!

This is Ivy sewing her beautiful gown that holds a twist.

woman's ball gown

Ivy had an idea to surprise all the guests with something simply outstanding. This way, she sewed an extra element into the dress that left guests speechless.

According to the video she posted, it looks like Ivy is simply talented like this as she never had sewing lessons. However, she did grow up around her mom and grandma who liked to sew.

The outstanding gown was inspired by our favorite Disney movie, Cinderella. However, Cinderella’s gown didn’t have a twist, while Ivy’s does have one and all heads were turned when she showed up at the ball.

In the video, you can hear Ivy admitting that she was self-taught and the most difficult time she went through sewing the gown was ‘figuring out how to do the transformation in one smooth motion.’

She says:

The gown at the front is a snap panel, at the back, it’s a series of laces

So by connecting the lacing to the snap panel, I can pull the cord in the front and both the lacing and the snap panel come undone at the same time

So, the twist to the dress is a butterfly.

This wasn’t the first creation of Ivy since her Instagram Page is full of them. She considers herself, ‘an English teacher by day, seamstress by night.’

Now, look at the video below and enjoy the beautiful creation of Ivy. We are really impressed by her skills and how talented she is.


Share your thoughts in the comments’ section below. Have you or someone you know done something similar?


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