These Women Completely Transform Their Faces As Part Of A New Sculpting Beauty Trend

Makeup has been used since ancient times to accentuate features and make wearers look more attractive. Today, makeup is used by modern women to give them the feeling of being put together in a dynamic day and world. But since another challenge ‘the power of makeup’ was first introduced on Youtube, it definitely changed the perspective many people had on makeup. So, now makeup is seen as a form of self-expression and too many artists around the world are using it to express their creativity and art. Be it a completely transformative Halloween look, eyes that look like real ones and are actually drawn in a forearm or even the newest way: sculpting make-up which includes additions of putty or prosthetic to ‘beautify’ your face.

Meet Aqira Zlah a makeup artist from Johor Bahru,  Malaysia. She constantly posts beauty-related videos and tutorials on her youtube channel (created in 2014) and in the Instagram account of @aqirazlah. See below one of her transformative works using putty for her nose, contact lenses, and fake eyelashes:

Sculpting Beauty Trend

Aqira dreams to be one of Malaysia’s best beauty gurus and a professional makeup artist in the future.

Sculpting Beauty Trend

She sculpted her nose with putty and it gives the illusion of a taller nose.

After she removes all of her makeup and contact lenses:

Ta-dah a totally different person!



See the video here:


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Another makeup video that racked more than 138.000 views on Instagram was posted by @Hairmakeupdiary and it completely left us speechless.

 Sculpting Beauty Trend

Forget fake lashes because contact lenses and even prosthetic noses are being used in this new ‘sculpture’ make-up trend. 

 Sculpting Beauty Trend

Completely different person!


For more you can see the video here:


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The use of this trend is completely subjective but one thing can be clearly noticed, ‘sculpture’ trend doesn’t accentuate one’s features, it makes one totally unrecognizable!


Whereas in this 15 minutes long video, you can watch some amazing makeup transformations compiled just in one single place.

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