Women Feel The C-C-Cold More Than Men And This Is Why

Brrr, somebody turn up the heat! By simply reading the title, I believe you can feel the cold emerging from nowhere. I mean, the winter cold has already struck in and nobody is immune to the low temperatures (except for Lenny Kravitz), it’s just some of us feel the cold a bit more than others. It’s not me saying this – it’s research speaking.

A study by two Dutch scientists concluded that women are more susceptible to lower temperatures, so they simply feel the cold much more easily than men. Further on, the published research found out that women are comfortable at a temperature 2.5C warmer than men, which is around 24 to 25C. Okay, now we know that cold feels colder for us than for men. But why?

According to Professor Paul Thornalley from Warwick Medical School, the reason for this can be summed up in two words: metabolic rate and heat production. Therefore, the differences in the average metabolic rate and how much heat men and women produce leads to what we mentioned before.

Women feel the cold more than men
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The study revealed that women have a lower resting metabolic rate (the minimal level of energy a person expends while resting), which means they produce less heat than men.

Speaking for BBC on the issue, professor Paul Thornally said:

A great determinant of resting metabolic rates is the fat free body mass in people’s bodies.

According to him, this accounts for up to 60 % in the difference between sexes, because as men have more ‘fat free body mass’, such as bones and muscle, their resting rates are much higher.

Women feel the cold more than men
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Another reason leading to this finding is something called ‘brown fat’, which is where the body produces heat involuntarily, a process called thermogenesis.

According to Live Science, brown fat is a dark-colored adipose tissue which burns energy and produces heat. Brown fat is often found in the neck and shoulders but it can vary from person to person. And because men have a higher proportion of body mass which is able to produce heat, they don’t feel the cold the same way as women.

However, together with benefits for men during winter, there are also downsides for them during summer, given their average metabolic rate. This also means we will have it easier during high temperatures. So, I guess we’re even. Heh!

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