Two Women Wear Matching Bikinis To Make A Point About Body Shaming

If you let your self-esteem depend on what other people think of you, then you’re never going to be happy with yourself. That’s because people always seem to believe that they have a right to speak on what you look like, whether they think you’re (in their opinion) too big, or too small, or too whatever! As if they’re the picture of perfection and people are dying to know their thoughts on the matter.

This is especially apparent on the comment section of Instagram pictures, so two friends, Dani Austin and Sarah Tripp, recently decided to make a point about it. The Instagram personalities who met through social media met up and took pictures both wearing the same exact pink bikini. Even though their bodies are completely different, that doesn’t stop them from enjoying themselves and confidently posing in the bikini.

In the caption of their posts, the women addressed the issue of body-shaming.


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Dani wrote that because of Sarah’s beautiful curvy figure, the latter often “receives so many mean comments that she’s ‘overweight’, ‘unhealthy’, or ‘a bad role model.” Dani said that the notion that Sarah is a bad role model is “rude and ridiculous” because she “can’t think of anyone who’s a better role model than Sarah. Her only goal is to help us ladies feel confident, SASSY, and love our bodies no matter the size! She’s so much more than her body… and so am I.”

But that’s not all. If you don’t fit people’s notion of what beautiful looks like, they will unnecessarily let you know, whether that’s telling you that you look too “fat” or too “skinny”, which is something Dani dealt with. The Instgrammer said that she constantly has people telling her to “eat a sandwich” or calling her “unhealthy.”

Sarah’s post was similar to Dani’s. She began by letting people know, in all caps lock that “body shaming is not okay!!” She then got on to the many hurtful comments Dani often hears about her size 0 figure, including being called “anorexic”, “looks like she needs to eat” or having people refer to her legs as “chicken legs.”


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But just like Dani, Sarah also goes on to praise her friend and list all the amazing things about her which extend much further than her physical appearance. “Dani is an incredible female entrepreneur,” Sarah wrote. 

“She has the kindest heart and is one of the most genuine bloggers I know. She and her husband have a wonderfully supportive relationship. She is so strong yet vulnerable, opening up freely about her faith, her trials, and her real life offline.”

Dani writes that they believe that people are “much more than what you see on the outside and the truth is, we don’t need the approval of others to find our self worth.” According to her, self-confidence is “ultimate form of girl power,” and we, as women, should all love and empower ourselves and each other.

And the two bloggers make a very good point. Body shaming has always been an issue in our society and it’s become more apparent with the advancement of social media, where people can make their hurtful comments very vocal. If someone’s healthy, strong, and feels good about themselves, what gives people the right to try and put them down? Body shaming depends on ever-changing beauty standards, which shouldn’t be something we base our self-confidence on because all people are different and it will never be possible to fit everyone in the same mold.

You can read Dani’s whole post here, and Sarah’s here.

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