Women Prefer Their Best Friends Over Their Husbands, Study Suggests

If you’ve ever had a good female friend, then you’ll know just how close the relationship between two friends can get. Whether it’s someone you grew up with or someone you met at a later age, women often strike up unbreakable friendships, becoming almost like family.

That type of friend is someone that understands you, that you can tell anything to without judgment, and that shares the same interests and sense of humor as you. A lot like a relationship, really, only without the sex.

So much like a relationship, in fact, that according to research conducted by the spa and healthcare company, Champneys, it turns out that a lot of women actually like their best friends more than they do their husbands.

women prefer their best friends over their husbands
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1,517 women were surveyed in the research, out of which over 50% said that they were closer to their female best friends than they were to their spouses. The reasons for this ranged from being able to  “talk about everything” more easily with another woman, which was the most common answer, to the fact that the women felt like their friends listened more, and because they could tell their girl friends things they couldn’t tell their partner.

Other than that, it appeared that women just have more fun when they’re with their female friends, with 39% saying the reason they favored their friends was because “we laugh until we cry”, “I can truly be myself” (29%) and “we have much more in common” (25%).

What’s more, over a quarter of the women claimed that they preferred their friends because they’re “less irritating”, and nearly 20% said that their gal pals just had “a better sense of humor”.

women prefer their best friends over their husbands
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A spokesperson for Champneys said that these findings were in line with their sales statistics which show that, in the last year, spa bookings for all-female groups have almost doubled, with their Girly Getaway and ‘Girls Night In’ packages being the offers that are most demanded at their spa resorts.

women prefer their best friends over their husbands
Credit: Pexels

They continued:

Of course, this could just be because spa days are usually marketed towards women more than men, but the fact that these ladies are bringing their friends instead of their partners is pretty telling. Plus, as other studies have shown that women – on average – have told their besties two secrets that their husband doesn’t know, and it’s unlikely that the lack of a shared interest in clay masks and foot massages is to blame.

Well, no matter what the case it looks like there may be more truth than we thought on all those social media posts we’ve seen claiming that “My best friend is my soulmate”.

Girl power, I guess!


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