Women Swept Along Rocks By Massive Wave As They Pose For Pictures

Every day, you seem to hear about another person who’s gotten in trouble or risked their lives to take the perfect selfie. Social media personalities, especially, who rely on these types of interesting and innovative pictures for their career are often under fire for these types of dangerous behavior.

The United States Department of Transportation called 2014 “the year of the selfie” because that year alone 33,000 people were seriously injured or died while using their phone in some way, including taking a selfie.  So, it should really go without saying that posing for pictures in potentially dangerous areas is not worth the “likes” you would get on social media.

Just recently, two women were dangerously swept by a massive wave as they stood on the rocky Devil’s Tear, a famous tourist spot on the south end of Lembongan Island at Bali. They were perched further down than the other tourists on the rocks in order to take a picture.

The terrifying moment has been captured on footage by a fellow holidaymaker.

It shows one of the women posing on the rocks while a wave is forming right behind her. The unsuspecting woman is then swept down by the wave, as is her friend who has crouched down to take her picture.

The two women seemingly managed to get through the first wave largely unscathed, but another bigger wave then sweeps in and thrusts them along the jagged rocks. The other tourists were unable to help them.

Hopefully, they managed to leave uninjured. You can watch the video here.

Similarly, two Instagrammers were recently criticized for a dangerous train stunt, which saw them hanging off a moving train, which was speeding on top of a bridge along a canyon in order to pose for an Instagram picture. Though the picture admittedly turned out very visually appealing, their act prompted their followers to call them out for endangering themselves and promoting this type of dangerous behavior all for the sake of “likes.”