These People Made The ‘World’s Biggest Bath Bomb’ And Threw It In A Pool

We all love a warm and calming bath after a long day of working, studying, or even simply chilling. A nice bath is always a good solution, especially if you happen to have a good book on the side, or if you simply want to let your mind wander and relax, classical music could definitely also do.

However, things get even more exciting when you happen to have a bath bomb at your disposal. You know, those mixtures of dry ingredients that add color, scent, and bubbles when you soak them into the bath water, instantly making you feel like you’re having a bath at some fairyland in a faraway world somewhere.

But, have you ever thought about whether there are larger sized bath bombs? I mean, even the giants living among people need to have a bit of fun sometimes, right? Just kidding, we’re talking about any version of a bath pool bomb. Well, for the record, you can’t go into the store and get a huge sized bath bomb pool version, for as far as I know.

That’s why these people have decided to experiment and make the ‘world’s largest bath bomb’. See the video below for how they managed to do it:

Source: Vat19

The people behind the YouTube channel, Vat19, created and put together a 2000 lbs bath bomb. As for the required ingredients, well the group of friends needed thirty-one 50lb bags of ingredients. More specifically, ‘one part cornstarch, one part citric acid to two parts baking soda’.

While mixing up all the ingredients into a huge mold, they proceeded to add color. They mixed many batches in order to layer them inside of the mold.

The group of friends managed to make half of the bath bomb within the day and then left it outside to bake solid in the sun. The next day, they proceeded with the other half and then they finished up by letting it dry and removing the mold.

When they finally put the bath bomb into the pool, a whirl of excitement was seen. The pool bath bomb mission was complete, and they now had a colored, bubbly pool to have fun in.

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People took to comment, saying:

My life totally changed after watching this video. It made me a better person and I will totally live happily ever after now.

And there was someone who didn’t quite like the experiment, saying:

What do you think? Would you throw a large bath bomb into the pool? Let us know in the comments below.


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