16 Of The Worst Fashion Trends You Once Thought Were Downright Cool

As time goes by, many fashion trends come and go. Sometimes, they even reappear because they are so good. However, there are trends out there that we hope will never come back because an overwhelming majority of people found them bizarre or downright obnoxious. When you go back and look at them, all you can think is: why? Here are 16 of the worst fashion trends that should probably never come back, compiled by Diply.

1. Grills

I don’t know who would like to put jewelry on their teeth nowadays. Hopefully, this is a trend that’s slowly fading away.


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2. Baggy jeans

This is a trend every parent and grandparent were absolutely furious about. The young ones loved it, though.


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3. Doubled-up polo shirts

What were people thinking at this tragic point in fashion? But yet, it happened and all we need to do is remove it from our memories forever.


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4. The popped collar

Some people are still rocking this style, but if you ask me, I’m glad it’s almost gone now.

5. Crocs

I know they are comfortable, but there are so many other comfortable shoes you can wear! Come on, you can do better!


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6. Rat tails and mullets

These used to be so cool at one point, but today they are truly obsolete. And completely ridiculous, too! Let’s just forget about their existence.


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7. Shutter shades

I can’t really remember what was the point of wearing shutter shades, but I’m glad they are in the past now.


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8. Bell bottoms

Some celebrities want to bring this trend back! Can you believe it? I mean, I don’t see the point, really! Do you know how HARD it is to wear bell bottoms with boots?


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9. Flame bowling shirts

Did you have that person in your life who always wore one of these? Are they the reason that person is not in your life anymore?


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10. Dickies

This is another old trend that you may have just heard of but never tried. Why would you not wear a full-length shirt instead of this, though?


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11. Gaucho pants

These were okay up to a point, but when you had to put your shoes on, you would just toss them out, as no pair of shoes goes well with these!



12. Velour tracksuits

If you are wearing one of these, then you are truly living in the past. Time to move on!


13. Platform sandals

Whoever invented this clearly didn’t have to walk anywhere in life. Because walking is simply impossible in these.


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14. JNCO jeans

Just looking at these makes the baggy jeans trend seem at least tolerable. Oh, well, at least there was space for you to put your giant phone!


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15. Overly thin eyebrows

Back in the 90s, thin eyebrows were a must! And nowadays, full eyebrows are the thing to rock! It’s a strange world that we live in.

Honestly, why can’t we just find a happy medium?


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16. Uggs

Wear them at home, but don’t try to show them off outside, okay?


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Source: Diply