X Factor Singer Writes Heart-Wrenching Song To His Ex That Brings Judges To Tears

We love X-Factors! It’s amazing every time we come to see new talents come into the scene and the audience together with the judges decide if a contestant really deserves to move on to the next step. It looks that from magic tricks to glorious dances, this place brings many talents together in one place. Is anybody going to deserve the golden buzzer we ask curiously? Yes, but only to the outstanding contestants, like I said we all seem to recognize.

Let’s not leave aside the fact that some of these X-Factors auditions are funny and bring joy and laughter to the show, while some performances are emotional and bring tears to our eyes. Like the boy writing a song to his best friend whom he lost in an accident or the girl who writes for her dead father, they are all so emotional and tear-eyeing.

As for today, take the performance of the 27-year-old contestant Aidan Martin. This guy came to the scene with his original song, a lyrics written by him and we could clearly say that his emotional performance blew the judges away.

Aidan wrote the song for his ex-girlfriend after he sadly broke up with her. And after a little pressing from the judge Simon, Aidan admits that he was dumped. He says:

It was kind of like a mutual agreement, but it was still heartbreaking.

However he also adds that he would never get back together with his ex, but he has a message that he would like to share: “Don’t cry, my heart still hurts, but I’m not a joke,” the song goes.

X Factor Singer

Besides the great voice and his likable personality, it’s the emotion behind the song’s powerful lyrics that will have us remembering this video for a long time. This is why we decided to share it with you today.

See the heart-wrenching performance below:

Did you like his voice? Please let us know in the comments section below. We will be reading them!


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Source: MusicTalentNow