What Happens When You Turn 30? Here Are 30 Things That Answer That

Well, I’m 30, so let’s see if this is true! I kinda feel more mature in my thirties… But I also can’t really drink anymore because these mature hangovers are really severe!

Seems legit.


According to StyleCraze, here are the 30 things that only people in their 30s will get.

1. You have either fitness geeks or family portraits on social media.


2. Everyone everywhere reminds you of your age by requiring your ID card.

3. You kinda hate events, and when you have to attend them, you’re looking for a place to just sit and rest.

4. Everyone calls you ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’.


5. The loud concerts, events, and festivals that you enjoyed once are now living hell.

6. High-school stories seem like they happened back in ancient times.

7. Children call you ‘Aunty’ or ‘Mister.’


8. When you watch TV shows now, you recognize yourself in the older characters.

9. You hate those loud parties next door. Sometimes you even think of calling the police.

10. Whenever you go out you take digestive pills with you.


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11. You start avoiding clubs and bars because they’re filled with… KIDS!

12. Even a single glass of any kind of alcohol produces hangovers now.


13. Your face and skin are getting… OLD. So many wrinkles all of a sudden!

14. You realize half the things you were casually doing before are actually childish. Like yelling out on the street. Who does that?!


15. Suddenly, there’s some kind of pain everywhere – in your wrists, legs, neck, back… you name it.

16. Sure, you do that impulse buy once in a while, but you realize you need to control that. Saving time!

17. Your biological clock makes you decide which to go with: having a dog or having a child. Why not both? Or maybe none.


18. The days of carefree nomadic roaming around, random sleepovers and random food now look like a nightmare.

19. You don’t care about the latest music hits anymore. Finally, you’ve realized it’s stupid. You’ve been stupid!

20. You’re more and more an indoors person. Oh it’s the weekend? Sorry I can’t hear you from the sound of my bed.


21. You care less about your body and its functions. Pooping habits? Heck, you’re starting to enjoy them! Mmmm, that cozy, familiar smell!

22. You’re fascinated by the fact that by the age of 30, your parents already had a house, careers AND children.

23. Style and trends? Pfft. Who even cares? It’s all about comfortable clothing now.


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24. You’re losing your ability to keep track with all the latest apps and technology. I, for one, despise Snapchat. I can’t even the damn thing!

25. Going shopping? Your cart suddenly contains way more fruits, vegetables, and healthy stuff.

26. You’re not really in tune with what’s trending on social media and YouTube. What was the relevance of that, exactly…?


27. Doing indoor hobbies like reading, painting or sculpting… Or, hey, even washing the dishes is suddenly relaxing.

28. You’ll only accept a night out if it doesn’t make you feel super groggy the next day. And that’s almost never.

29. You’ll frequently scrutinize your face, checking out for new wrinkles and blemishes and whatnot. As a guy, this happens to us as well!


30. You actually have a schedule now and go to bed at a decent time! Wow! I still can’t believe myself.

Source: stylecraze

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