The Youngest Grandma Flooded With Marriage Proposals

When you become a grandma at just 35, there is a high possibility you will become famous on the internet. Kickboxing-fanatic Carrie Hilton, who is now 36 years old, became famous after her 17-year-old daughter Clarice gave birth to a baby – Jessica. Carrie herself gave birth when she was only 18, and is now a young grandma. After she became an internet sensation, she was flooded with offers of marriage.

Bolton-based media sales manager Carrie is probably Britain’s youngest grandmother.

“I’ve had lots of messages from admirers. Most of them asking for dates or sex. I’ve even had some people asking to marry me,” she said for the media.

Carrie received messages from all over the world. Men have messaged her from Spain, Turkey, Greece, and Thailand.

“There have been pictures sent to me on my social media which are a bit racier than I’d care to admit. But to be honest I find it really flattering and think it’s really lovely. I am a grandma after all!”

Sadly, however, Carrie has a boyfriend. Interestingly, he finds this amusing.

“Hopefully, it’ll keep him on his toes,” she told The Star.

The grandma has represented England six times in competitions and even has a black belt.


She has a great passion for kickboxing, and exercises in her kitchen.

Moreover, she goes to classes five times a week.


On the social media, she had had a lot of nasty messages from trolls.


Some have even accused her of being on benefits and described her as a “council estate dog”.


Carrie hopes to use her new-found fame to launch a career as a lingerie model.

She also wants to inspire other women of her age.

Carrie has approximately spent about £13,000 on cosmetic treatments including breast implants and hair extensions.


“When shop assistants and people at the gym hear Clarice saying ‘Mom’ they ask her to repeat herself. Then I tell them I’m a nanny and they go, ‘No way!”


The proud grandma hits the gym five times a week.


“I’ve always been fit and active. I don’t go out much, all I do is work and train, so I haven’t used the fact I’m a grandma to fend off any young men.”

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Source: dailymail